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Tropical Storm Tracker: There are 2 active systems as of 20 Jul, 22:39 GMT

Current Data 24-hr Ahead Projections
20 Jul, 2024 22:39 GMT 21 Jul, 2024 22:39 GMT
SystemBasin LatLongWindCat LatLongWindCat
FOUR NW Pacific 16.3 N 111.5 E 35 kts TS 18.6 N 109.7 E 45 kts TS
GAEMI NW Pacific 16.7 N 126.1 E 40 kts TS 18.0 N 124.9 E 50 kts TS
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Current Satellite Images
RegionImage Type
Atlantic IRVisible
Atlantic WVIR En
NE Pacific IRVisible
NW Pacific IRWV
Indian Ocean IRVisible
W Australia IRWV
E Australia IRWV
SW Pacific IRWV
Tropical Cyclone Windspeed Scale*
StrengthCategory1 Minute Maximum Sustained Winds
Tropical DepressionTD<34<39<63
Tropical StormTS34-6339-7363-118
Hurricane Cat 164-8274-95119-153
Hurricane Cat 283-9596-110154-177
Intense Hurricane Cat 396-112111-129178-208
Intense Hurricane Cat 4113-136130-156209-251
Intense Hurricane Cat 5>136>156>251
*Note that the windspeed scale used here is the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale. This differs from wind scales used by regional agencies other than the National Hurricane Center. The category applied to a storm on this site may differ from the category applied by an official regional meteorological agency.

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